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Remedy For Our Time
by Israel Teitelbaum

The period leading up to Election Day, November 6, is critical to set our government back onto the Constitutional Track, from which we have been severely derailed. Those who are free from our country’s indoctrination camps, can readily see that our country is in the throes of a Counter Revolution by enormously powerful government forces unelected by the American People, and therefore unaccountable to us.

They have gained control of most of Congress and our Justice System, and have all the money they need to buy up most of the upcoming elections, by various ways and means – known and unknown, lawful and lawless. The one practical way to begin to deprive them of their ill-gotten power is to elect to Congress ONLY true representatives of the American People.

Everyone now in Congress can free themselves from the clutches of the Progressive Ruling Class, and certify themselves as “Constitutional,” by sponsoring the 100-word bill to restore, in great measure, the Constitution of the United States, and its base, the Declaration of Independence. The “Civil Rights Act for Equal Educational Opportunity,” described on our RESOLUTION page, will not only restore parental rights, it will rescue our educational system from their clutches, slash taxes, and stop the Counter Revolution dead in its tracks.

Progressives began their power grab with the election of President Woodrow Wilson in 1912, along with a Congress eager to break free from the limitations that the Constitution placed upon government. In addition to greatly expanding the size and power of government, they also passed the first income tax, obliterating the 4th Amendment, which was meant to keep government from picking into our pockets, referred to as “papers and effects.”

The turning point of this coup came 50 years later, on January 17, 1962, when President John F. Kennedy handed over the keys to our nation’s treasury to public employee union bosses, by signing Executive Order 10988. True to form, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled inexplicably –only five months later, in Engel v. Vitale- that public schools are government schools, which sealed the fate of our nation’s children and families, and led us to where we are today.

Replacing ALL in Congress who refuse to set our government back onto the Constitutional Track is surely the most direct path for the American People to end this political war. To join the army of the American People, and help make a clean sweep of Congress, please visit

In addition to preventing the collapse of the greatest “united nation” ever established by mankind, your efforts in holding Congress accountable will lead us to a new era of domestic tranquility, prosperity, liberty and justice, surpassing anything we’ve experienced heretofore. All that stands in the way of victory is our lack of action in holding our public officials accountable to earn our votes.

United we stand! Divided they fall!


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