Alliance For Free Choice in Education
Here is how YOU can take Action and Make a Difference!

What will School Choice Do For Education?

School Choice will:

Improve quality of education -- both public and private.
Competition in all areas of life has proven to bring out the best in us. Dedicated teachers will be free to pursue a multitude of options in deciding where to apply their skills, talent and energy.

Give parents the right to choose where and how their children are educated.
Education ought to be the domain of parents – not government.

Place responsibility for a child’s education on the parent.
Government should not be replacing parents in their role as educators of their own children.

Distribute education tax dollars more equitably among all school children.
Educational funds should not be denied because of one’s personal or religious beliefs, where one lives, or how much money parents earn.




  • School choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st Century.
  • Failing education is our number one domestic crisis, and the greatest threat to our political freedom and economic well being.


Goals of School Choice
Proposed Legislation