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Alliance for Free Choice in Education

Fellow Patriots,

USE IT OR LOSE IT! Just as the blessings of life, such as a quality education, a good job, successful business and a wonderful family, comes to those who utilize the opportunities that arise, so too does good government. However, the opportunity for good government comes only once in two years – on Election Day – with the days leading up to the election providing us the opportunity to inform, inspire and activate fellow voters to elect those who stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Primary election is truly primary because one of the two winners of the Primary is most likely to win the General, which is subject to manipulation by utilizing the strategy of “divide and conquer.” The Primary winners can fill the field with candidates whose policies match the opposition party, depriving them of the votes needed to win. 

Therefore, this coming June 6 provides New Jerseyans the opportunity to advance the political revolution that began on November 8, 2016, by electing candidates who represent the people of New Jersey. Unfortunately, all six gubernatorial candidates who participated in last Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate represent the Progressive Ruling Class. Our task is to win one of them over to We the People. Our research reveals that the only candidate willing to support the Parental Rights bill (A1232/1209) is Jack Ciattarelli.

Please call Asm Jack Ciattarelli (Off: 908-450-7065: Campaign: 908-824-2100) to assure him of your vote and that of those in your sphere of influence – IF he cosponsors the bill and challenges Legislators of both major parties to cosponsor this bill NOW, before the Primary. Please let’s not lose this opportunity of a lifetime to set our State and Nation back onto the Constitutional Track.

Israel Teitelbaum
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