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Press Release – March 29, 2015
Contact: Israel Teitelbaum

National Drive Launched for Universal School Choice

The Alliance for Free Choice in Education is calling on Americans of good will to utilize the coming elections to restore America to its former greatness, based on our faith in the Divine right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Although the Declaration of Independence serves as the foundation of our nation, all of the above is being constantly violated by our government. It all begins with the education of our children. Financially coercing parents to send their children to substandard schools, where quality education is the exception – surely not the rule - clearly denies children and parents their liberty and pursuit of happiness, and among the many drop-outs who join gangs, there are some who are killed!

While officials are very adept at covering up this perfidy, a recent interview by Bob Bowdon of Choice Media, with Lee McNulty, a high school teacher of 27 years, reveals utter chaos, day after day, week after week, year after year, with all sorts of documents being doctored to mislead authorities, parents and the public.

The Cato Institute found that DC Public Schools had underreported their annual cost for the 2008-09 school year by about $400 million. They presented their figures to the Census Bureau, which then instructed the DC officials to include all relevant items when filling out their forms for the 2009-10 school year. When this was all calculated, the annual cost per child turned out to be $29,409! The Census Bureau’s figures for the previous year had come to a total of just $18,181!

Parental choice must be mandated, for both federal and state jurisdictions, without delay. This can be accomplished, with just the stroke of a pen, by those who are sworn to uphold the Constitution, and constantly pledge their allegiance to “liberty and justice for all.” The growing interest in the election of 2016 provides us the opportunity to inspire those in our sphere of influence to spend a few minutes each day to help accomplish this enormous task – to prevail on our public officials to do the right thing, or replace them in the coming elections.

Although one determined President, supported by a timid Congress, has been able to undo what generations of courageous patriots fought to achieve at great personal sacrifice, it will take far more than one great President to set our nation back on the right track. Liberty-loving Americans of all stripes and political affiliations need to utilize the next four elections – the 2015 primary, 2015 general, 2016 primary and 2016 general – to elect to public office only those who truly represent We the People, and stand for our right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

One sure way to determine this is their position on universal school choice, which would empower parents to send their children to the law-abiding school of their choice. Government control of education - which should be limited to ensure safety, security and equitable distribution - is directly responsible for transforming our government from bottom-up to top-down. The countless billions of taxpayer dollars – paid by rich and poor alike - funds the greatest, unelected political empire known to man, with the ability to indoctrinate generations of children to their way of thinking. By electing to public office only those who stand for true liberty and equal educational opportunity, we will be well on our way to restore our nation to its former greatness, with liberty and justice for all. #####


Israel Teitelbaum

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