Alliance For Free Choice in Education
Here is how YOU can take Action and Make a Difference!


During these precious day until November 8, 2016, when every American is empowered with the enormous power of his/her vote, we can join forces to prevail on Congress (202-224-3121) to honor their oath of office to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity,”  by signing onto the Education Freedom Accounts Act (S.2455/H.R.4426) without delay.

This is the best universal school choice bill in the country based on the most comprehensive study of the 60 most successful school choice pilot programs now in place all across the USA. Although the bill only applies to the District of Columbia, it will serve as a model and trailblazer to all branches of government on how to secure Liberty and improve education through force of competition, save billions of dollars, and hold educators accountable to parents.

When calling Congress, it is of critical importance is to receive the answer to your request: “Will the Congressman (or Senator) sign onto this bill?!” It is important they know that this answer is important to you before voting on November 8, and this is also important for your family and friends to know before voting. We can no longer bear to see what is happening to our nation’s children and families. We must set our country back on the road to liberty and justice for all.

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