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Fellow Americans,

Parents across the country who provide their children with a quality education consistent with their family and religious values have been crying out for a resolution to the tuition crisis, which is devastating families and wrecking havoc upon all society.

Having been deeply involved with this issue for the past 23 years please be assured that the current political upheaval provides us with the opportunity we have been waiting for, when several thousand phone calls to Congress (202-224-3121) from all 435 congressional districts, will break through this “brick wall,” which political pundits consider impossible to breach.

Actually, those serving in Congress and state legislatures have told us the very opposite. “No Congressman or Senator wants to be known as the one who lost his seat. Flooding your public officials with phone calls will result in action.” Now that all 435 seats in the House are up for election, voters in all 50 states and all 435 congressional districts can “tear down this wall” that is destroying our families and all society.

Although the Education Freedom Accounts Act (S.2455/H.R.4426) only applies to the District of Columbia, breaking through at the federal level will give us the political strength and leverage needed to break through in all 50 states. Please be assured that launching a major campaign of this kind will be joined by Americans of all stripes and political affiliations, and result in overwhelming success.

We urge every concerned individual to consider this a top priority, and place urgent calls to their Representatives in Congress, at202-224-3121, to judiciously and persistently prevail on them to honor their oath of office to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” It is also critical that we reach out to all our contacts across the USA to do likewise.

Every major political breakthrough has been achieved in this manner. Parental choice in education has been an issue strongly brewing under the surface for decades, eagerly awaiting our action to rescue our brothers and sisters along with all of society.

Much success with this critical and life saving project.

Alliance for Free Choice in Education
Morristown, New Jersey

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