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Dear Editor,

Unlike the political battles of the past between the major parties, the current political clash is between the American People and the Progressive Ruling Class. The Progressive Movement began at the dawn of the 20th century and took full control of our government in 2009, which spawned the political revolution known as the Tea Party Movement. Although the IRS was successful in silencing the leading voices for change, this only inspired Americans to dump the Ruling Class in 2016.  


New Jersey is now strategically positioned to demonstrate to the country how to finish the job and send the Ruling Class packing. By illegitimately wresting control of our nation’s children in 1962 – thanks to President JFK[i] and the Supreme Court[ii] – they have also wrested control of our government, and ever increasing billions and trillions – borrowed from future generations! A study by economics Professor Caroline Hoxby found that the cost of public education in the USA increased by 327 percent – in inflation adjusted dollars![iii]


New Jersey now has a bill to fix this gaping hole in our ship of state, but the Ruling Class refuses to support it. New Jerseyans can restore liberty, justice and equal rights by prevailing on ALL our Legislators to support the Parental Rights and Property Tax Reduction Act (A1232/S1209)[iv], or replace them with those who will. This bill will empower ALL parents to provide their children with the best that education has to offer for ONE-THIRD the cost of substandard government schools!


Israel Teitelbaum
226 Sussex Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07962


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Fellow Patriots,

Republic: A government in which the supreme power lies with the citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives accountable to them.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government was formed at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 his response was, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” With all the political fighting ongoing in Washington, it’s quite obvious that we have not kept it. Whether the issue is healthcare, taxes, education or whatever, only a tiny minority in Congress are concerned about what is best for the citizenry. In fact, the few who truly represent the interests of the American People – the Freedom Caucus – are being derided by all of Washington, including President Donald Trump, who promised to REPEAL Obamacare, reduce taxes and institute school choice. Tragically, he has done precious little of what he promised to do, and his legislative proposals don’t match his promises.

It appears that the money and power now concentrated among the Ruling Class in Washington renders it impossible for anyone to take down this monstrosity. This is precisely what the great Founding Father Benjamin Franklin meant. It’s not enough to vote once in two years. It is our responsibility to hold our public officials accountable to honor their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. Fortunately, this year of 2017, when all seats in the New Jersey State Legislature, and that of Governor are up for election, provides New Jerseyans, of all political parties, the opportunity to show the American People how this is done.

First and foremost we need to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” by prevailing on ALL our Legislators to pass the New Jersey Parental Rights and Property Tax Reduction Act (A1232/S1209). This empowers ALL New Jersey parents to provide their children with quality education that meets their needs, talents and faith for ONE-THIRD the cost of overpriced (by 327 percent) andsubstandard public schools, and will save New Jerseyans tens of billions of dollars in property taxes. Those who refuse to rescue our precious children from dangerous schools where they are raised to be dependent on the Ruling Class for food, housing, healthcare, abortions and prison, must be replaced! There is absolutely no justification for denying children a quality education that meets their needs, talents and faith, while saving billions in taxes!

The sooner we prevail on the New Jersey State Legislature to overwhelmingly pass this bill, the sooner will we be on our way to usher in a new era of liberty, justice, prosperity and domestic tranquility.

All the best,

Israel Teitelbaum
Alliance for Free Choice in Education
Morristown, New Jersey


Unlike any government in the history of civilization, the Founders of the USA established a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” History had proven time and again that all other systems of government were doomed to fail. Government had to be accountable to the people to assure that its wealth and power not be abused by any individual or ruling class. This required the people to have liberty to wield their political muscle, without fear of government retribution.

King George III was not ready to give up his power. Many courageous patriots sacrificed life and limb to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” The American Revolution was only the first of many conflicts fought by our brave soldiers to protect and preserve us, and give the world the greatest “united nation” in the history of civilization.

Immigrants from throughout the world came in droves to share in the blessings of liberty and pass this on to their children. Thanks to generations of dedicated patriots, the USA soon developed into the most advanced and prosperous nation in the world, outperforming most countries combined. 


Following the election of 2008 it became apparent that the Federal Government was under new management. The government that was established in 1776 was now a thing of the past. The Obama Administration, which took power in 2009, had absolutely no intention of keeping the many promises of the campaign, or being accountable to the people. Our government had suffered a coup by a Ruling Class that now took control of all three branches of the Federal Government.

This gave rise to a massive grass roots movement that mushroomed all across the country, leading to the record breaking election of 2010. Fearing the worst, the Ruling Class sent the IRS to silence these groups, and managed to survive the election of 2012. No longer were groups permitted to speak out politically, unless they towed the party line. Our government was now transformed into a top-down system to enrich and empower the few at the expense of the many.

Thankfully, there were enough Americans unwilling to accept this. In the 2016 election campaign – the most tumultuous in memory - the American people overcame incredible opposition, and sent a powerful message to the Ruling Class: We prefer liberty!


The Obama counter revolution was a long time in coming. The dawn of the 20th Century gave rise to the “progressive” movement, which over the next century gradually seized ever more power. Many systems and agencies were established to grant power to a growing Ruling Class, unaccountable to the American People.

Prior to the “Coup of 2008,” the greatest transfer of power came in 1962, when President John F. Kennedy established public employee unions, and the Supreme Court ruled “public” schools to be “government” schools. Unnoticed by most Americans, the country’s youth became exposed to a new way of thinking that favored Big Government over Liberty, sweetened with the freedom to do as one pleases, rather than conform to old-fashioned moral restrictions.

The election of 2016, when the majority voted with the Ruling Class, demonstrated there are still enough of us left to make America great again, provided we place our shoulders – even our fingers – to the task. We need to prevail on our elected officials at all tiers of government – local, county, state and federal - to fulfill their oath of office to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”


Unlike any time since our founding in 1776, all Americans can now team up to form the most powerful force for freedom in history. Just as the Founders recognized the flaws of the past and established a system to overcome them, we can do the same. By recognizing how the Ruling Class seized control, we can restore liberty in 2017.

All Americans can dedicate several minutes of every day to this sacred task, beginning with a phone call to their Members of Congress at 202-224-3121. We need to prevail on Congress to sign onto the Education Freedom Accounts Act now, ready for President Donald Trump’s signature on January 20, 2017. This will launch us toward liberty as the rockets that took us to the moon.

New Jerseyans have the opportunity in 2017 to restore our State to its former greatness by uniting across all ethnic and party lines, and electing 120 State Legislators, along with a Governor and Lt. Governor who stand for liberty, beginning with the liberty of parents to direct the education of their children. #####

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